Like many things in life, property investing is always best if it starts with “why”.

Is it to secure your future, build wealth, reduce tax, put your home equity to work or leave something to your kids? Or it could be because you simply love property. Maybe you can tick all those boxes.

Looking at your “why” is important so that you can pinpoint what you’re looking for and where to target your search. Are you looking for high yield, strong capital growth? Positive or negative gearing? Maybe you’re looking for an investment that is safe and you can almost “set and forget”.

To reduce your tax burden, it’s always best to buy new due to the depreciation. And you’ll probably be looking for something that has good yield and strong indicators for capital growth. Somewhere like a new apartment in Melbourne or a house and land package in Ipswich would fit your bill with this brief.

To build wealth and start a portfolio, you would be looking for an affordable entry point, high yield and a relatively safe investment. Canberra is ideal and Geelong area would be good too.

If you know your “why”, we can find you a property, or a couple of properties to choose from, that meet your criteria, your wish list and your goals.

We do the research on the location, the property and the developer. We look at cash flow, costs and expenses. We negotiate incentives wherever possible. We can refer you to mortgage brokers, financial planners, accountants, conveyancers, property inspectors and strata managers.

If you’re time poor or simply want to make the investing process as easy yet as effective as possible, we’d love to help you by doing all the legwork.

As a licensed and registered real estate agent, we are paid by the vendor – so there is no cost to you. However, we differ from other real estate agents who are solely representing the vendor. As an investment property consultant, our priority is you.

Check out our top picks for properties this month, listed below and [lease let me know if you’d like to find out more or arrange a time to explore your “why”.

Michael Rogers

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