5 Traits of Successful Property Investors

1 A Clear Plan

Your investing goals, budget, cashflow requirements, timeframe, investment strategy, risk profile and exit plan are all components to be explored so that a clear plan can be created.
The important thing here is that it must be your plan working towards your goals. Every investor is different, so tacking onto someone else’s plan may not take you where you want to go.

2 A Thirst for Knowledge

You are keen to learn about different markets across the country, you’re open to possibilities and want to know what to look for.
Having an open mind and considering options that you may not have thought about often uncovers some gold.

3 Understand it’s a Process

There are steps – finance, research, property search, due diligence, exchange, settlement, engagement of property manager, relax, take a breath, assess your goals and financial position and repeat.
Step by step.

4 Trusted Support Team

Whilst you might have a mate who professes to be a property guru, it’s important to seek professional advice as well. A professional team working with you towards achieving your goals makes a huge difference to the end result and your stress levels.

5 Emotional Intelligence

The emotions of investing are real. It’s stressful, it’s exciting, it’s the accomplishment of a dream. You need to feel those emotions, but you also need to get your head involved to ensure you’re making a logical decision as well as an emotive one.

You may already have some or all of these traits, but if you don’t, there’s no time like the present to add to your arsenal.
I’d love to help you get started on your investing journey or build your portfolio if you already on your way.
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