It’s impossible to predict what’s going to happen to the property market once this pandemic is over, but there is one thing that history has taught us.

After a crisis there are opportunities.

You need to be in position if you want to take up those opportunities.

We don’t have anything to compare this pandemic and it’s fall out with. The GFC is the most recent event that had far-reaching economic consequences and there were many investment opportunities that 55 of our clients were able to benefit from.

I had a chat to Love Property founder Jason Snaddon about his recollections of the property market post GFC in 2009. Take a look at the video below. There are some great lessons in there.

If you’re in a position to invest, please email or phone me to arrange a time to speak. We can get your brief, look at your numbers and get ready to act as soon as we find a property that matches your brief.

Developers will be eager to sell.

Get prepared now so that you’re ready when the opportunities present.

Take care, stay safe, stay well and Happy Mother’s Day to all our mums.

Michael Rogers

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