When you’re investing in property with us, there’s always one thing we want our clients to understand – and that is that property is a long-term investment.

We talk about the property clock and the cycles that property markets go through. There are times of opportunity when prices are low and then there are times of boom when you steer clear of investing as prices are too high for entry.

For those who have already invested, the boom times are the great times. That’s when you can sit back and proudly tell your mates that you invested at a great time and that your property has experienced fantastic capital growth. The opportunity time is when investors are a little less vocal with their prowess as they’re cautiously waiting for the market to recover and values to increase again.

What’s important is to take a long-term view of your investment. Values will fluctuate, there will be times of boom and times when the market is correcting and realigning with demand.

It’s like riding a wave. There is great momentum at times and at other times, it’s a steady roll. Don’t get too caught up in the little gains or losses because until it’s the day you sell your property or need it valued to refinance, the value shouldn’t be your primary focus. Your primary focus should be that the property is being well managed, maintained, tenanted and that you’re claiming maximum tax benefits.

Right now there are many markets around the country that are in the “opportunity” phase of the property cycle. Market conditions are in favour of the buyer, there are lower levels of competition, there is greater discounting and some uncertainty. This is the time that savvy investors make a move and make the most of the opportunities that are available.

If you’re in a position to invest now, get in touch and we can discuss some of the great investment solutions that we have available right now.

An investment that has us excited at the moment is a boutique development in South Melbourne – a prime location that is geared for capital growth and high rental demand. Prices from $435,000 to $699,000 for one and two bedroom apartments in a truly beautiful building. Completion scheduled for 2020.

More details to follow, but please let me know if you want to know more.

We love helping people become property investors and, together, we’ll source the investment that meets your goals.

Michael Rogers
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