As investors, or potential investors, it’s imperative that we stay informed about changing conditions that are likely to impact us.

One of those changes right now is the changing interest rate and the effect that this has on our borrowing capacity as well as repayments.

Lenders have a responsibility to ensure that the money they lend you isn’t going to put undue stress on you. As an investment property specialist, I have a responsibility to find you a property that meets your budget and investment strategy. I also run cashflow scenarios on the properties you’re interested in so you can see the impact of changing variables. This helps to ensure that you understand the impact of rate rises and the potential return from your choice of investments.

So my word of advice right now is to get informed. Gather your team of experts and don’t let the changing environment stifle or hold up your investing goals. You just need to know your options and we can help you every step of the way.

Speaking to one of our preferred mortgage brokers, Haydn Marshall from Lend Perspective about the impact of the interest rate increases, he said, “After a record 7 consecutive rate rises by the RBA along with inflation at its highest rate in 32 years, it is more important than ever to ensure that your requirements are specifically catered for – both now, and into the future. Speaking with a broker will provide greater insight into what options exist, as well as what some lenders may and may not accept. With an obligation to act in your best interests – rather than our shareholders – brokers work both with you and for you to ensure that your lending structure and solution is tailored to your specific needs, and not that of the banks.”

We’re here to help you achieve your investing and wealth creation goals. We take the effort and legwork out of finding properties, and link you up with trusted professionals if needed.

Please get in touch to book a time to discuss your goals.