Getting right back to basics, there’s one common goal that we have. We all want to create wealth. Now we all have a different idea about what that means to us. For some, it may be a ton of money, for others, it may be enough money to not have to worry about it.

Creating wealth is why we work and why we invest. It gives us the freedom to make choices that make our life richer.
There are two main ways to grow wealth – shares and property. We can also invest in ourselves and in business or in gold or art – but let’s focus on shares and property.

If you’re choosing between investing in shares or property, research tells us that over the past 10 years, the highest performing asset class has been property.

But you can’t just buy any property and expect it to perform well. This is where research comes in and where we can help.

There are 4 main factors that drive property performance:

  • Employment & economics
  • Population & demographics
  • Infrastructure spending
  • Supply & demand

This is what we look at when we’re pinpointing areas to invest in. Once we know the areas that tick all our boxes, we then look for the properties that also ticks all the boxes.

It must be in an area that people want to live, have good amenities, be close to transport, shops, schools, hospitals and jobs. It must be well designed, soundly built with quality finishes and good value.

We need to make sure that the property is going to perform well and be worthy of your investment.

Let us do your legwork for you and show you the properties that we believe in.

Right now, the locations that are adding up are South East Queensland, the Newcastle region and certain suburbs of Melbourne.

We’ve got a couple of great property choices in each of these locations that we’d love to show you.

Where are you at with your investing plans? Let me know how you’re going. I’m always keen to hear!

If this is the year for you to invest in property, talk to us. We’ll make it easy for you to make a great investment decision.