West End, Newcastle, NSW

1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 parking apartment $561,000 – $617,000
53 sqm internal, 30 sqm external, 83 sqm total area
Rental appraisal $520-$560 p/w

2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 parking apartment $889,000 – $929,000
82 sqm internal, 21 sqm external, 103 sqm total area
Rental appraisal $620-$720 p/w

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Completion scheduled for 2024

The location

Newcastle, the second largest city in NSW (the seventh biggest in Australia), has witnessed significant transformation over the past decade. With affordable median property prices, strong rental returns, a surge in infrastructure development and a seismic shift in attitudes to work from home and commute to Sydney, it’s no surprise Newcastle & The Hunter region is set for its best decade of growth for investors.

Over the past few decades the market has changed a lot. Not so long ago it was an area of NSW synonymous with mining and not much else. However, over time the once small town has developed into a fully edged city with substantial offerings from port facilities to education, healthcare, retail trade and tourism. As the city developed over time, so too did the property market as it transformed into a popular coastal destination for families to live outside of Sydney. Jobs are readily available as there is such a diverse economy, which over time has only grown and created a strong “pull” for people to move to the area. It has now shaken the title of “mining town” and is received by the masses as a fully functional and vibrant city. In conjunction with the diversity of economy and commercial growth, the stigma of the area being so heavily dependent on the mining industry has faded and with it. This is evidenced in recent times with the growing property prices running side by side to a slowing commodities economy. Whether it’s sprawling areas 20km from the CBD or inner city pockets just moments from the beach, it is evident that change is happening. People are moving to the area and changing the real estate canvas for the better.

In conjunction with its population growth and commercial evolution, the property market has seen some exciting growth to date with more growth anticipated. Newcastle is a location undergoing lots of change, which brings about a lot of supporting infrastructure projects. Through combining efforts from State and Local Governments the region is set to see billions of dollars worth of investment over coming years. This type of investment into a region and across multiple sectors such as lifestyle, commerce and transport pave the way for growth and support a flourishing community.

COVID-era migration patterns are underscored by an increasing preference for regional areas: capital-city dwellers are moving to the regions in greater numbers, while regional people are electing to stay in place in greater numbers. Over the past two years Newcastle migration grew 14% in 2020/21 vs 2019/2020 and was the 5th most migrated to regional city in Australia 2020/2021- this upward trending pattern is expected to continue to gain momentum even in a post-COVID world.

The West End

There’s no place quite like Newcastle’s West End. Once the beating heart of the city’s heavy industry, the West End has emerged as Newcastle’s newest cultural hub, packed with an eclectic mix of history, character and urban chic. This development will be positioned right in the thick of things, with the district’s unique fusion of art, live music, shopping, cafes and restaurants right at your doorstep. And with the new $73 million transport interchange close by, you’ll be connected to everything this amazing city has to offer.

The property

From this beautiful building, you can enjoy spectacular views as far as the eye can see. From the majesty of the sand dunes, the bustling working harbour, the infinite sparkling ocean blue waters and sprawling Newcastle vista, every unique outlook is picture perfect.

Capturing the essence of the rejuvenated West End, every space is full of style, dynamism and bristling with effortless chic. Each residence presents impressive and carefully considered layouts, designed to exude a contemporary elegance.

Every detail, from quality finishes to appliances and fittings, have been curated for the way you want to live.

Communal spaces will be a prominent feature and will create a true sense of community for residents.

With a collaborative workspace, precinct pool, wine bar and cellar, function rooms, green spaces and a gym to enjoy, you won’t have to go far to find the perfect space to meet with friends and neighbours.

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