Investing in property requires confidence. You need to feel that you understand what’s going on in the market and what your options are.

So, right now, in a nutshell, here’s what’s happening:


Interest rates are at an all-time low for owner-occupiers and they’re excellent for investors too. Money has never before been so cheap in Australia and many people are making the most of these rates.

An added bonus for home owners is that it’s a great time to re-finance your home loan, release some equity you’ve built in your home to use to purchase an investment property.


We’re seeing a real increase in rental demand, particularly in Queensland and regional areas like Newcastle/Hunter Valley in NSW and Geelong in Victoria. The pandemic has shown us that we can live and work without being bound to the office and our daily commute and we’re seeking lifestyle change.

According to leading property researcher SQM, vacancy rates on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland are 0.5%. This is the lowest vacancy rate they’ve seen since 2005 and is a very real indicator of just how high demand is for rental properties.

There’s also great demand to buy in these areas for the same reasons – lifestyle!


There isn’t a huge amount of “stock” available at the moment, particularly given the demand. As always, we’re really fussy about the properties we recommend and will only work with reputable developers and builders who are known for their quality and workmanship.


We always come back to the fundamentals of investing:

  • Employment opportunities
  • Infrastructure spend
  • Population growth

The Sunshine Coast is ticking all these boxes in spades with their investment in submarine broadband cable, purpose built corporate HQs and the ever growing hospital precinct. Team that with the population growth primarily from interstate migration and we have a real winner.

If you want to invest in property and take advantage of these quite exceptional conditions, please get in touch and we’ll arrange a time to talk.