Like all good things in life, investing in property takes time. Like many great things in life, you can outsource a huge chunk of it.

If you’re time poor and investing has been on your Things To Do list for too long or it’s a goal that you just haven’t managed to achieve yet, then we can help, and we have whole swag of trusted professionals ready to help you too.

The first step is usually to talk to a financial planner to confirm your strategy and your overall financial goals. Once you know what you want to achieve, give me a brief and I’ll give you a shortlist of options. We can run the cashflow to make sure it meets your goals and budget and then it’s over to you to arrange the finance and sign the contract.

Once the property becomes yours, I can help arrange the defect inspection, the property management, depreciation schedule and landlords insurance.

Love Property is your one stop shop when it comes to property investing! We’re connected with mortgage brokers who specialise in investment lending, solicitors and conveyancers who we like and trust, skilled building inspectors, quantity surveyors, insurance brokers and property managers.

As licensed real estate agents, we’re paid by the person selling the property – not you. As a reputable company who values our relationships with our clients, we will only sell properties that meet our stringent criteria and meet your goals.

Don’t miss the investment opportunities that are waiting for you just because you don’t have time to make it happen yourself.

We’re here to help – and we aim to make it as seamless as possible!

Check out my latest article, published in Australian Property Investor magazine. In the article, I share the benefit of taking that first step into the property market as soon as possible rather than waiting until you have a deposit for your dream home. Don’t wait until the conditions are perfect. Find a way to make it happen now. Read it here.

Please get in touch if you’re sick of waiting for time or your dream home deposit to miraculously appear in your life.