Every day I talk to people who want to invest in property, as well as developers, builders and real estate agents. One thing that really struck me the other day was the optimism amongst them all. But not only the optimism, but the action that is following the optimism.

People are buying investment properties right now. I have clients on my waitlists to buy properties off the plan.

Investors are doing their research, seeking expert opinion, creating their strategy and achieving their investment goals.

There are concerns over interest rates and property values, but instead of causing inaction, these concerns are causing investigation. Investors are more diligent in what they’re buying. They’re looking for quality properties that tick all the key principles of investing:

  • Infrastructure spend
  • Rental demand
  • Population growth
  • High employment
  • Properties that match the demographics of the location

It’s a really exciting time right now.

I had a client settle on a property last week and the value of his property has already increased by 12% since he paid the deposit and all his cashflow projections were based on a weekly rent of $360, but his property manager has told him that a more realistic rent is $450. He’s delighted!

This is all because he bought a quality property in a great location at a great time.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been travelling to Brisbane and Melbourne, researching and visiting developments, some about to start construction, some completed, and there was one real standout amongst them in Ivanhoe, Melbourne, more details here.

If your goal is to buy an investment property or add to your portfolio, please get in touch and we’ll arrange a meeting to discuss your strategy, goals and options.