Earn, Owe, Own, Spend - the magic formula

When you're planning on investing in property, there are a few things we need to know so that we can make sure all the numbers add up.

Simply, they are how much you earn, owe, own and spend.

Whilst I'm not a mortgage broker, financial planner or accountant, these figures will give us a good indication that you can service the debt, that the lender will see you as a good risk and to ensure our investment strategy works well with your financial situation.

For some, how much you earn will just be your wages. For others, it may dividends, interest, income from other investment properties, bonuses, etc.

How much you owe can include any existing mortgages, loans, finance on vehicles or other equipment, credit card debt and personal loans.

What you own can include property, vehicles, boats, valuable art or anything that can be sold to service the debt.

Your spending has become more important in recent times as the lenders are looking at this more carefully rather than taking an average. They will be asking for actuals rather than estimates, so it's a good idea to get on top of your personal spending before it's time to apply for a loan. There are some great apps that can automatically track and categorise your personal spending, so do a bit of research and see what works for you.

This all sounds pretty simple, but it does require some thought to get it all together.

So come prepared. These are the questions that you will need to know the answers for so that we can match you up with a property or properties that don't put you under too much financial pressure and you'll also be well prepared for when you need to see the mortgage broker, accountant and financial planner.

If the time is right for you to invest in property, we'd love to help.

What's making South East Queensland look so good to property investors

Newsletter - November 2018

There's been a lot of talk over the past few months about the turnaround in the Queensland economy. Couple with that some big infrastructure investments in and around Brisbane, and it's a region that has caught our attention for property investors for all the right reasons.

Over the past couple of years, Brisbane hasn't performed as well as we'd hoped. This has been due to an oversupply of apartments and a downturn in the Queensland economy which has led to disappointing returns for investors.

The good news for people who hold investment properties in Brisbane and the great news for those looking to invest is that the facts and the figures are signalling a big turnaround for this region.

Here's what's happening in South East Queensland right now:

  • Queensland is now the number one state for interstate migration, up 36% to the year ending March 2018. 70% of the state's population live in SE Qld. The pattern tends to be that people move there and rent a home, they get established and settled, figure out where they want to live and then buy a property. This is the perfect storm for both rental demand and capital growth.
  • There has been a clear slowdown of construction of apartments for the past 18 months. Building approvals for apartments in Greater Brisbane were down 59.9% for the year to August 2017.
  • The pressure from APRA has had a surprising result of forcing developers to create more appealing and better quality products, reducing the amount of "cookie-cutter" apartments on the market.
  • The Queensland economy is well into recovery stage after the inevitable slump following the mining boom with five consecutive quarters of positive growth to September 2017 and forecast for this to continue for the next four years at least.
  • $5.4 billion investment in the construction of Brisbane's Cross River Rail, scheduled for completion in 2024. Forecast to create 1,500 jobs annually.
  • $3 billion re-development of the Queen's Wharf precinct which will house over 50 restaurants, bars and cafe and 1000 hotel beds. The construction is projected to create 2,000 jobs with 8,000 jobs ongoing upon completion in 2024.
  • $2.9 billion re-development of Brisbane Showgrounds, scheduled for completion in 2026. This project will create 2,000 jobs and will add over $30 million annually to the Queensland economy.
  • $1.35 billion investment is underway building a second runway at Brisbane's International Airport. Due for completion in 2020, the will create 2,700 construction jobs over the seven-year project.
  • $1.1 billion investment in a world-class health and well-being precinct in Brisbane's northeast, scheduled for completion in 2027.
  • $944 million investment in Brisbane Metro will start next year and is forecast to create 7,000 construction jobs.

This is a lot of investment and movement for one city and it will have positive far-reaching impact throughout the SE Queensland region.

Right now I have my feelers out with my researchers and developers to find the prime properties to offer to our clients. I'll be travelling to the region within the next few weeks so that I can see what's going on and view project plans.

So stay tuned! I'll be coming back to you very shortly with some great opportunities to make the most of this market that is very much in "opportunity" phase.

Please contact me if you can't wait and I'll make sure I pass on the information personally as soon as I've done my due diligence and run the numbers on the projects I'm being shown.

We love helping people become property investors and, together, we'll figure out the investment that meets your goals.

Happy investing!
Michael Rogers
0416 049 226

Why invest with Love Property?

Newsletter - October 2018

Once you've made the big decision that you want to secure your future by investing in property, you have three choices:

  • Immerse yourself in learning about real estate markets and indicators that make a property a good investment, and spend your free time finding a property that you think meets your criteria.
  • Hire a buyer's agent and pay them to find you a property that meets your specs.
  • Talk to us and we'll pass on our extensive knowledge and our top choice of investment projects from around the country that meet your needs - and it doesn't cost you a cent.

I know what I'd be doing if it was me. So let's break this down a bit.

Our knowledge

For over 16 years Love Property has been helping people become property investors. We've been watching the markets, property values and rental demand, we've been talking to researchers, developers and investors, we've been riding the peaks and troughs of the property clock, we've been investing in property ourselves. We've helped hundreds of people achieve their dream of becoming a property investor, and we'd love to help you too.

Investment projects

Once we locate the areas that have all the indicators for both capital growth and rental demand, we get to know the neighbourhood. We visit, we walk around, we see what's going on. We look at the infrastructure, the transport connections, the construction, the community, the people and their lifestyle.

We need to make sure that any areas we recommend are nice places to live.

Once we're happy with the location, we find the properties. We check out the developers, what they've done in the past, how their buildings are holding up - both aesthetically and value-wise. We look at what they're offering and we run the numbers. We do everything we can to make sure it's a solid investment, with good prospects of rental demand and capital growth.

We then try to do a deal - either get a discount, extra inclusions or incentives - which we then pass on to our clients. (Note - this isn't always possible, but we always try!)

Matching to your needs

All our clients are different, so we make sure the investment meets your needs. We look at your goals, your budget, your timing and your preferences. Some people want to invest in regional areas, some want capital cities. Some want apartments, others want house and land packages. Some are ready to invest now, others invest in off-the-plan so they can lock in a price now and then have a couple of years to get everything in order before settlement at the completion of construction.

Why doesn't it cost you anything?

As licensed real estate agents, we're paid a sales commission by the vendor. The only difference between us and other real estate agents is that we only sell investment properties to investors and we only source the properties we want to sell.

Our business is built on referrals, so we do everything we can to make sure you're happy with our service and your investment, so that you tell your friends and so you come back to us to buy your next property.

So what are you waiting for? Many markets are currently in their "opportunity" phase - meaning that now is the time to invest.

Michael Rogers
0418 049 226

Why property is a long-term investment

Newsletter - September 2018

When you're investing in property with us, there's always one thing we want our clients to understand - and that is that property is a long-term investment.

We talk about the property clock and the cycles that property markets go through. There are times of opportunity when prices are low and then there are times of boom when you steer clear of investing as prices are too high for entry.

For those who have already invested, the boom times are the great times. That's when you can sit back and proudly tell your mates that you invested at a great time and that your property has experienced fantastic capital growth. The opportunity time is when investors are a little less vocal with their prowess as they're cautiously waiting for the market to recover and values to increase again.

What's important is to take a long-term view of your investment. Values will fluctuate, there will be times of boom and times when the market is correcting and realigning with demand.

It's like riding a wave. There is great momentum at times and at other times, it's a steady roll. Don't get too caught up in the little gains or losses because until it's the day you sell your property or need it valued to refinance, the value shouldn't be your primary focus. Your primary focus should be that the property is being well managed, maintained, tenanted and that you're claiming maximum tax benefits.

Right now there are many markets around the country that are in the "opportunity" phase of the property cycle. Market conditions are in favour of the buyer, there are lower levels of competition, there is greater discounting and some uncertainty. This is the time that savvy investors make a move and make the most of the opportunities that are available.

If you're in a position to invest now, get in touch and we can discuss some of the great investment solutions that we have available right now.

An investment that has us excited at the moment is a boutique development in South Melbourne - a prime location that is geared for capital growth and high rental demand. Prices from $435,000 to $699,000 for one and two bedroom apartments in a truly beautiful building. Completion scheduled for 2020.

More details to follow, but please let me know if you want to know more.

We love helping people become property investors and, together, we'll source the investment that meets your goals.

Michael Rogers
0418 049 226

Why invest with owner-occupiers?

Newsletter - August 2018

When we're hunting for investment properties to recommend to our clients there are a couple of things that get us all excited. One of them is for a development to have a high percentage of owner-occupiers rather than all investors.

Owner-occupiers are great because they really care about the property. They see it every day, they know what works and what doesn't, they know what needs attention and they report it. They usually attend body corporate meetings and really have a good understanding of the property. They often have more "buy-in" than renters. As an investor, the owner-occupiers in the building can often be your eyes and ears - they're good neighbours to have.

The number of owner-occupiers in any one development cuts down on rental competition too - which is always a good thing when your aim is to maximise returns on your investment.

Another reason to love having a balance between investors and owner-occupiers is for your exit strategy. When it's time to sell, you have two different markets to aim your sales campaign at, and that's a great way to increase interest and potential sale price.

This is one of the criteria that makes a particular development a great investment.

There's a whole lot more that we look for, but this will give you a little insight into the strategy that supports our research.

Our Property Highlight for August is a great development soon to complete, just 3km from Melbourne CBD - and the good news is that it has a really high percentage of owner-occupiers! Stay tuned for details.

We love helping people become property investors and, together, we'll figure out the investment that meets your goals.

Michael Rogers
0418 049 226

If saving for a home deposit is too hard, buy an investment property instead

Newsletter - July 2018

Saving a deposit for your first home may seem like a never-ending exercise. The cost of properties seem to be going up faster than your bank balance and everyone else seems to love the properties that you love, so there's too much competition!

So here's an option.

Buy an investment property instead.

If you buy an investment property somewhere less expensive than where you choose to live, it's highly likely that:

  • you'll be able to afford something good
  • you can stay living where you love while bringing in the rent on the investment property
  • you'll get tax deductions

And the best part is that you'll get a foot in the property market. Once you have that first foot in the door, the world tends to open up for you. You can build equity in that property for a couple of years and then leverage it to buy your dream home.

Whilst the dream is often to buy a home first, sometimes, in this market, that's just too hard. The opportunity cost of waiting to save your deposit is too high and the competition at that end of the market is too fierce. The solution is to think outside the box.

We have great properties available from $435,500 for a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment in the West End of Newcastle and from $646,000 for a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment 4 kms from Melbourne CBD.

Before offering an investment solution to our clients we undergo thorough research of the area to ensure that it has all the indicators for capital growth and strong rent demand. Once we're satisfied that the location is good, then we source the best properties available - being well built by reputable developers, with good fittings and fixtures.

If it's time for you to think outside the box or if you have a friend, colleague or family member who is still saving their deposit, please contact us or pass on our details.

We love helping people become property investors and, together, we'll figure out the investment that meets your goals.

Michael Rogers
0418 049 226

Tips for the savvy investor in a slowing market

Newsletter - June 2018

There's a bit of talk around at the moment about "the market slowing down". But what does that really mean? Does that mean prices are dropping? Does it mean that less people are buying? Are less people buying because less people are selling? Is this an actual trend or just what's been happening over the last week or so? Is this a nationwide thing or local?
Whatever the reasons and the validity of the claim, it's important to focus on your goals. If your goal is to invest in property, it can be great to strike while the iron is hot and take advantage of the negative talk that is going on.

While the market is "slowing down", there are often deals to be had. Sometimes developers are discounting prices, there is often less competition when negotiating and the vendors are keen to sell.
For the savvy investor, it's a great time to move.

Right now, we have a couple of great opportunities for our clients to take advantage of a Nomination Sale. A Nomination Sale is when the original purchaser can't complete the sale, so the property becomes available at a price that is often discounted, it has a nearer completion date than usual Off The Plan purchases, and, if the property is in Victoria, there can be great stamp duty concessions.

One of these Nomination Sale opportunities that we have available is in a development in Richmond, just 4kms from Melbourne CBD. We've sold four properties in this development and we love it. It's due for completion in August this year and 2 bedroom apartments are ranging from $636,000 to $656,000. The big advantage here is that stamp duty would normally be over $30,000, but for this it's under $10,000.

There are only four of these properties available and they're selling fast.

If you want to make the most of these conditions, get in touch now and, together, we'll figure out the investment that meets your goals.

Michael Rogers
0418 049 226

Why buy new?

We're often asked by clients whether we recommend investing in a new or existing property.

There's no clearly defined right or wrong answer to this question because it all depends on what you're aiming to achieve through investing in property. But, there are certainly some great advantages to buying new.

Firstly, there's something special about a new property - everything is shiny and lovely, there are no signs of wear or previous life. Tenants love new. Which often translates to high rental demand, and often you can charge a premium.

Secondly, the maintenance is almost non-existent for the first few years. If anything major needed work, then it would probably be covered by the builder's warranty.

Finally, there are tax benefits through depreciation. You just need to have a Depreciation Schedule created and fixtures and fittings can be written off over 10 years and the property over 40 years.

So, in a nutshell, the reasons we love new are:

  • high demand
  • low maintenance
  • tax benefits.

If you're thinking of investing in property, please get in touch so we can make sure you have all the information you need to make a great investment decision.

House & Land -v- Apartment - which should you invest in?

Love Property News - May 2018

We just love helping people become property investors. For us, it's more than just selling a property. It's about educating people, helping them make informed decisions, finding the solution that meets their needs and achieving their dream of building security and wealth through property. What's not to love about that!

Lately, there's been a growing interest in house and land packages, so I thought we'd take a look at why you'd invest in one over the other.

The most important thing to take into account here is your personal preference. If you live in an apartment, understand apartment living, the expenses and the benefits, then chances are you'll invest in an apartment.

With an apartment, it will more than likely be closer to the CBD, the building maintenance will be managed by the body corporate, you will need to pay strata levies and will only be responsible for maintaining the apartment itself. You'll probably rent to young corporates who are working and playing hard.

A house and land package will probably take you a little further from the CBD, there will be no strata fees but, over time, there will be more maintenance. There are often savings on stamp duty as you only pay it on the land - not the house and land together. Your tenants will more than likely be a family or a couple who work hard and relax on weekends.

If you want to know what is best to invest in - there's no right answer, because "best" is defined by your goals.

Whether you decide to invest in an apartment or house and land package, the key is - as always - research. Is the location in a growth area with good infrastructure? Is rental demand strong? Are the indicators there for good capital growth? Does the developer have a solid reputation? Do the numbers add up?

These are the questions we will go over when we meet. These are the questions I'm constantly asking myself when sourcing properties for my clients.

If you are interested in house and land packages, I'm really excited about a development in East Maitland - 30 minutes from Newcastle CBD. More info to come on that, or call me if you can't wait.

If the time is right for you to invest, get in touch and together we'll figure out the investment that meets your goals.

Happy investing!

Michael Rogers
0416 049 226

Love Property Update - April 2018

I just have to say how thrilled I am to have taken on Love Property. The investment opportunities I'm seeing are really exciting and I just can't believe that we're able to help our clients realise their dream of becoming a property investor. It's fantastic! Utilising the services that we offer is such a fabulous way to cut through all the clutter and get to the point. We present you with the very best investment opportunities that we can find, in locations that are primed for growth with high rental demand. Then we talk you through the numbers so that you can make...

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Love Property Update March 2018

The time has come for me to hand the day to day Love Property reins over to Michael Rogers - and you couldn't be in better hands! Michael's passion is second to none and his knowledge of real estate, property investing and the market fundamentals is incredible. He is such a great fit for Love Property and has your best interests at heart - always. Whilst I'm maintaining my position as Founder of Love Property, it will be Michael who will look after you moving forward. It's been an honour working with you over the past 15 years. On reflection, we didn't get all...

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Love Property Update - February 2018

I hope you're well and that life is good. I'd like to give you an update on what's been happening for me and Love Property and to check in to see if there's anything we can do for you. For the past two years, I've been building my Abundance Coaching business while actively managing Love Property. As I’m sure you’ve seen, a few months ago, Michael Rogers joined the company as a Property Investment Consultant and I have been gradually stepping back from the day to day management. Moving forward, Michael will be taking the reins as Principal and whilst I'll still be...

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Love Property Update - January 2018

I love the start of a new year! It's such a great opportunity to reflect on the past year and then to start planning and setting goals for the year ahead. I get really excited thinking about what's in store for the future and the new projects I will start working on. I hope that amongst all the Christmas, New Year and summer celebrations you've had time to put together some thoughts or goals for the year ahead. If your plan is for property investing, then we've got some fabulous investment opportunities that I'm very excited to share with you. Newcastle - two...

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Merry Christmas from Love

Christmas and the end of 2017 is fast approaching and there still seems so much to do before we get there! Do you feel that way too? Our Christmas wish is for you to enjoy time with your loved ones, doing all the things you love. Our wish for you for 2018 is fun, success and happiness. May you have them all in bucketloads. We're really excited about some investment solutions that we have coming onboard over the next year, so if creating wealth and security through property investment is in your plan, please contact us. We'd love to chat with your about your plans! Merry Christmas and...

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Newcastle - Eaton on Union Update

We've had such a great response to the properties that we have on hold in Newcastle that we want to share with you the details of those we selected especially for our clients. Let me just update you on the details of this development... Eaton on Union is perfectly situated in the West End of Newcastle in a suburb called Wickham. Wickham is undergoing transformation - going from semi industrial to hip and urban. It's in the heart of the city with easy access to the harbour, beaches and all amenities. The development is directly opposite Newcastle's new transport hub where heavy...

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Love Property Update - November 2017

It has been so great to have Michael join the team at Love Property and bring with him his excitement, enthusiasm and passion for property. It's pretty easy to invest your money and sit back and hope that it grows as you plan, but to take a strategic approach, research your options, run your numbers, engage experts and plan your strategy before you invest, this gives you a far greater chance of success. This is the road that we want our clients to take, and the path that we step you through when we're presenting investment opportunities. Having done our research, we're really excited...

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Pre-Launch Opportunity for Savvy Investors

As guests of the event, you will have a sneak peak into the development, Eaton on Union, a beautifully designed building that is perfectly placed in the West End of Newcastle - an area that is primed for growth due to massive public and private investment.

Love Property, together with Investo Property, will be sharing insights into why Newcastle is one of the hottest spots in the country for property investment.

Thirdi Group, one of Australia's leading property development investment firms, will be sharing why they've chosen to invest millions into this city and this development in particular.Read More

Love Property Update October 2017

I'm really excited to announce that the Love Property team has expanded and we've warmly welcomed Michael Rogers into the fold. Michael is joining us as a Property Investment Consultant and will be working side by side with me, learning about the way we work, the types of property solutions we look for and how best we can serve you - our valued clients. Michael is a Licensed Real Estate Agent with a passion for investing and helping our clients secure their future. He has had great success buying and selling his own homes and is keen to get investing. When looking for...

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Love Property Update September 2017

I've got a couple of really great pre-release investment opportunities that I want to share with you. Either of them would be a great addition to an investment portfolio or a first investment. They're both in inner city suburbs of Melbourne - a city that has for the seventh time just been voted #1 most liveable city in the world! Let me give you some details... Abbotsford The first is a terrific deal with limited opportunities available. It's being built by an iconic developer in Abbotsford which is an inner city Melbourne suburb next to Richmond. It's a vibrant, cosmopolitan hub with a mix of commercial...

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Love Property Update July 2017

The start of a new financial year is always a good time for change in this industry. And, for us, that was the start of our property management partnership with TraversGray Real Estate at Erskineville. For our landlords and tenants, I hope the transition has been positive and seamless. For us, it's a great partnership where we can ensure you're being offered the very best service and receiving all the attention that you need. Being a tenant sometimes has its challenges and if you're looking to get off the rental bandwagon but saving for a deposit is proving to be difficult, there are...

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Love Property Update June 2017

The new financial year is almost upon us and it's a great time to reflect on where you are financially - and to set some goals for the coming year. But don't just leave it at financial goals - take a look at all aspects of your life. As many of you know, I've been practicing the principles of the Law of Attraction since 2005 and for the last couple of years I have been helping people tap into their Abundance, gain clarity on what they want and create inspired actions to make it happen. We work on all areas of your...

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Love Property Update May 2017

The year is flying by and we're fast approaching the end of the financial year - which means it's time to get your ducks in a row. If your investment property needs maintenance, schedule it now. If you don't have a depreciation report, get it organised now. If you're planning on investing, talk to me. Remember that there are stamp duty changes coming in Victoria which will mean significant increased costs for buying off the plan after 1 July - so take action soon if you're interesting in this market. There's been quite a bit of talk about Brisbane lately. This...

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Love Property Update April 2017

If you're considering investing in property, now is the time to do it and there's a few great reasons why we recommend investing in Melbourne. Firstly, the city is growing at a rapid rate with significant population growth forecast for the future - short and long term. The city is preparing for this growth with plans for infrastructure upgrades. Every person who lives or moves to Melbourne will need a home, and most will want to be within an easy commute of the CBD. Secondly, the Victoria government is making changes to stamp duty payable on Off the Plan developments on 1st July 2017. There...

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Under $32,000 to invest in property! Join us to find out more

What are they and how can you invest in them? We’d love to invite you to a webinar hosted by Yza Canja from Property Rocket and myself. The purpose of the webinar is to educate you on Property Options. At an entry cost of under $32,000, these are a great alternative for people who: feel that they’ve been priced out of the property market, or are looking to diversify their investment portfolio, or want to put some equity to work, or are currently at the limit of their borrowing capacity yet have some cash they want to invest. We will discuss Property Options, show you how...

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Love Property Update Autumn 2017

For those of you who have made the decision to invest with us in Newcastle, well done! The city is being touted as the next boom town - and for good reason! Take a look at the article on your right to read more about what's happening in this vibrant city that is all set to take off. According to our experts, Melbourne is next, so talk to me if you're looking to get in early. Property Management Over the next few months we are really focussing on building the property management side of our business. We're having such great results with our clients that...

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Love Property Update January 2017

Happy New Year! I hope you had a lovely re-energising break over the holiday period and that the New Year has started well for you. If you're passionate about living life to your full potential, I'd love for you to join me at a talk that I'm holding in Sydney and Melbourne on Abundance. I will be facilitating a space for you to gain clarity on what you want to achieve during 2017, helping you to gain focus on your goals. We'll discuss strategies for success and you will leave with a list of inspired actions. Please call me if you'd like to find out...

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Merry Christmas from Love

It's a busy time of year, and sometimes it's a little too busy. So our wish for you is that you have time to enjoy the people you love, doing the things you love, in the places you love. It's all about Love really, isn't it! We hope that 2016 has been a fun and successful year for you, and that 2017 will be filled with an abundance of all the good things. If your plan is to invest, you know who to call! Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays. Jason, Vanni, Justine & Fay

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Love Property Update November 2016

The Silly Season is upon us once again! How did that happen so fast? Before you get truly into the thick of celebrations, I wanted to tell you about this great investment opportunity in Melbourne. If it is your intention to invest in property during 2016, don't let this one get away. We're got pre-release access for our clients, so if you act fast, you get first choice. This project ticks all the boxes: Location - 3 minutes walk to public transport Fabulous cafes less than 5 minutes walk Shops less than 10 minutes Less than 5kms to the CBD Parking Affordable! All this in an area that has: Consistent and ongoing...

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Love Property Update October 2016

For those of you interested in investing in Sydney, we've got an exciting opportunity...Whilst we're predominately out of this market, we do see it as a very safe option and there are still areas within inner Sydney that are yet to gentrify and see further capital growth. To that end, we have just approved a project that meets our investment selection criteria based on local infrastructure, position, quality developer and high quality project, plus the fact that this inner city area, we believe, has still got very good opportunity for growth in the near future. If you would like to come to the VIP launch of...

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Love Property Update September 2016

We've been talking about investing in Melbourne for a while now, and I'm going to just keep talking about it because, right now, it's the most exciting market in the country! The facts and figures just add up so well for this city - particularly in the growth corridors surrounding the CBD. Areas like Richmond are in high demand and there is a real shortage of quality apartments available. And that's what the people are looking for! With the current growth and forecast for the trend to continue upwards, this market is hot and the investment opportunities we have are fabulous! As quoted...

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Love Property Update August 2016

If you’re a property investor, it seems like everyone has an opinion about where and when to invest - and most of those opinions differ. Some areas are reported to be oversupplied, some undersupplied, then that opinion changes. Some are “hotspots”, some overpriced, some are touted to be a great bargain. There’s always talk of the next up-and-coming area that’s about to be rejuvenated. If you’re looking at property as a snapshot in time, any one of these claims could be true. But that’s not how we like to look at property. We look at property as a long term investment -...

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Love Property Update July 2016

If you're thinking of investing in property, there's a lot to be excited about! Over the last few weeks I've been doing a lot of travelling around the country and I like what I'm seeing. There are some really good pockets to invest in that tick all the boxes. They have great infrastructure, or signficant plans for infrastructure development, they have strong forecast for continuing population growth and high demand for rental. There are even various price points - perfect for the first time investor as well as the seasoned investor. It's a definite recipe for success! With the start of the new financial year,...

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Love Property Update June 2016

Another financial year is coming to an end and, as investors, that's an important time for us. It's time to do our numbers to make sure we're making the most of any tax deductions that are available to us. It's also a good time to make sure everything is still adding up. So if you haven't done a depreciation report on your property yet, call our friends at BMT & Associates. They give our clients a discount and do a great job - just mention that we've sent you. Your accountant will need this report to calculate your claim for depreciation. If you've got surplus...

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Love Property Update May 2016

I was at a networking breakfast this week and was really surprised to hear the general discussion about the looming property market bust. It prompted me to come back to the office and do some investigating. My research told a very different story. My first port of call when wanting to know what's going on within the marketplace is usually Infrastructure Australia. Their role is to "provide research and advice to governments and the community on the projects and reforms Australia needs to fill the infrastructure gap". They monitor and identify population trends so that the government can plan for change. Based on current trends and plans,...

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Love Property Update April 2016

Oh goodness I am so sick of the rhetoric over negative gearing and what’s going to happen if it stays or goes. It should not matter what happens to negative gearing. You are investing in property for the growth and the yield. Buying property based on tax benefits is not investing. Think about this! We humans have this inherent need to have a roof over our heads. We have to pay for that, whether we rent or own. What this means is we have consistent and ongoing demand for housing. As long as we have population growth and employment to support the...

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Money Flow

Every now and then we hold events for our clients and friends to tell them about our work, the investment opportunities we offer and financial mindset. If your plan is to create wealth and live the life of your dreams, you need to have a positive attitude towards money and abundance. Our next event, Money Flow, will focus on this and we'd love for you to join us. Here are the details... Money Flow Do you block the flow of money in? Or does money come in then go out just as quickly? Have you even thought about this? You see, money is energy and we...

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Money Flow

Every now and then we hold events for our clients and friends to tell them about our work, the investment opportunities we offer and financial mindset. If your plan is to create wealth and live the life of your dreams, you need to have a positive attitude towards money and abundance. Our next event, Money Flow, will focus on this and we'd love for you to join us. Here are the details... Money Flow Do you block the flow of money in? Or does money come in then go out just as quickly? Have you even thought about this? You see, money is energy and we...

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Love Property Update - March 2016

We've been having a bit of fun lately in the office and I think this photo captures our spirit beautifully. We all love what we do and enjoy doing it together - and I really believe that shows in the way we work with clients, relate with each other and go about our daily tasks. We hope it shows in your experiences with us too! I've also been thinking a lot lately about how little things we do can turn into massive things. Eleven years ago I decided that I needed to take action to grow my business and I placed a small ad in a...

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Lessons from past property cycles... an excerpt from an expert

We've come across this great article from a property investment expert, Michael Yardney and we like what he's saying. Take a read...

"I'm often asked what are the big lessons that I've learned now that I've invested in property, and some would say successfully, for over 40 years.

Probably the most important lesson we can all learn is that our property markets are not only driven by fundamentals, but also by the often irrational and erratic behaviour of an unstable crowd of other investors.

Never get too carried away when the market is booming or too disenchanted during property slumps.

Letting your emotions drive your investments is a sure-fire way to disaster.

Here's another 6 lessons I've learned about property cycles over the years:

Don't be surprised when they come around and don't overreact - this will help you avoid being sucked into booms and spat out during busts.

During a boom everyone is optimistic and expects the good times to last forever, just as we lose our confidence during a downturn.

Yet our property market behaves cyclically and each boom sets us up for the next downturn, just as each downturn paves the way for the next boom.

And over the next decade or two we could even have a recession (we haven't had one since the early 90s) and we'll most likely have another depression one day.

The lesson from all this is that even as you take advantage of our booming markets, get prepared for the next phase of the property cycle.

During the last cycle, most investors didn't really have their downside covered or their upsides maximised.

As long as I have been investing I remember hearing people with excuses why property prices will stop rising, or even worse, why property values will plummet.

However in that time, well located properties have doubled in value every 8- 10 years.

Fear is a very powerful emotion, and one that the media used to grab our attention.

Sadly some people miss out on the opportunity to develop their own financial independence because they listen to the messages of those who want to deflate the financial dreams of their fellow Australians.

Smart investors follow a system to take the emotion out of their decisions and ensure they don't speculate.

This may be boring, but it's profitable.

Let's be honest, almost anyone can make money during a property boom because the market covers up most mistakes.

But many investors without a system found themselves in financial trouble when the market turned.

Warren Buffet said it succinctly: "You only find out who is swimming naked when the tide goes out."

In other words, if you aren't following a system that works in all market conditions you will be caught naked when the market changes.

If you prefer to have consistent profits and reduced risk, follow a proven system.

Make your investing boring, so the rest of your life can be exciting.

Real estate is a long term investment yet some investors chase the "fast money."

You've probably met people like that - they look for that deal that will make them fabulously rich.

When you see them a year later, they're usually no better off financially and still talking about the next deal that will make them rich.

They are often influenced by the latest get-rich-quick artist with a great story about how you can join them and become stupendously wealthy.

Their stories can be very compelling, even hard to resist.

They often pander to the wishes of people who would like to give up their day job to get involved in property full time, but in reality it takes most people many years to accumulate sufficient assets to do this.

Patience is an investment virtue.

Warren Buffet said it right when he explained that: "Wealth is the transfer on money from the impatient to the patient."

You're in the business of property investment, yet during the last boom many investors forgot the age-old property fundamentals of buying the best property they could afford in proven locations.

Instead they got sidetracked by glamorous finance or tax strategies and some lost out.

Strategic investors do it differently.

They make educated investment decisions based on research and buy a property below it's intrinsic value, in an area that has above average long term capital growth and then add value creating some extra capital growth.

Recognise that property is a long term play and set up financial buffers to help you ride the property cycles.

If you head these teachings the rollercoaster ride will not be as dramatic next time round because you won't let emotions drive your investment decisions... both fear and greed will drive you down the wrong path.

Cycles are an inevitable part of any investment market, and our property markets are behaving normally when prices fall slightly or remain flat for a while.

This doesn't mean that there are no opportunities out there for property investors - there are!

Remember that there are local, as well as national, property cycles.

Each state is in a different stage of its property cycle and the beginning of a new major property cycle has created some great buying opportunities for smart investors.

This is a time to be selective and to think long term.


While I do like the concept of counter-cyclical investing, and it's definitely important that investment timing is considered and sound; absolute precision-perfect timing is not really necessary with property investing.

In other words you don't have to buy at the very lowest of lows or sell at the highest of highs.

Remember that the absolute top and the absolute bottom are only two days out of an entire seven to ten year cycle and you just can't pick them.

The financial wizards, the economists, the PhDs usually can't pick them either.

It doesn't matter if the market has bottomed or not because you're not buying the market.

When I started investing in property more than 40 years ago I knew nothing about property cycles.

In fact I knew very little about property at all.

If I had waited until the right time of the cycle or the right market sentiment I might never have started at all.

Remember both fear and greed will drive you down the wrong path.

While it's important to know where you are in the cycle, it's also important to get going with your investment program! "

Read the full article here.

Some great lessons here from Michael. Please contact us if it's time to get going with your investment program!

Love Property Update - March 2016

We've been having a bit of fun lately in the office and I think this photo captures our spirit beautifully. We all love what we do and enjoy doing it together - and I really believe that shows in the way we work with clients, relate with each other and go about our daily tasks. We hope it shows in your experiences with us too! I've also been thinking a lot lately about how little things we do can turn into massive things. Eleven years ago I decided that I needed to take action to grow my business and I placed a small ad in a...

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Love Property Update February 2016

Hello! This month I want to talk to you about some basic rules for property investors, and we want to give you lots of notice for our next event (details to the right or here). Following these simple rules will help you lay the foundation for success and help you on your road to financial freedom. 1. Know your numbers!
For me, this is the number 1 rule. Before investing, you need to know your borrowing capacity, how much you can afford to repay on your loan in best case AND worst case scenarios (ie when interest rates go up and if...

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Love Property Update January 2016

Hello and happy new year! We hope that you've had a fun and relaxing start to 2016. This month marks our 10th anniversary at Love Property and I'd like to thank each of you for your part in helping me build a successful business. Love Property started as a dream of mine, and now 10 years on we've helped our clients invest in over 300 properties, allowing them to realise their dreams of building wealth through property investment. One of the first developments we helped clients invest in was in Mons Road, Westmead. Prices ranged from $360-375,000 for two bedroom units. The area was...

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Ensure to claim depreciation deductions for your investment property

For most investors, choosing the right property is a big decision.

There are many factors a potential investor will think about prior to making a purchase. Astute investors will consider the potential rental returns, the property's location in proximity to local services, employment drivers and the likelihood of capital growth in the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, one thing many investors still forget during the process of purchasing an investment property, is finding out how much depreciation they will they be able to claim.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of BMT Tax Depreciation, Bradley Beer, 80% of investors fail to maximise the deductions available from property depreciation.

Property depreciation can be worth thousands of dollars in additional cash flow for the owner of the property, so it is very important to ensure no deductions are missed.

Investors who purchase both new and older properties can take advantage of depreciation. In most cases newer properties will incur a greater deduction, as the investors will be able to claim the cost of the building structure for the entire forty years of its depreciable life. Depreciation deductions for plant and equipment assets are not dependent on the properties age, so every investor can benefit.

Before purchasing any investment property, it is always advisable to contact a specialist Quantity Surveyor such as BMT Tax Depreciation. They can provide an estimate of the likely deductions available on a perspective purchase, saving you thousands in the long run.

Real deductions, real returns - new and old properties

The table below outlines real deductions found for our clients:

Investors can estimate the likely deductions using the free BMT Tax Depreciation Calculator which can be downloaded for iPhone or Android phones.

If you would like a free estimate of the likely deductions for a property or further information, please contact your local BMT Tax Depreciation office today on 1300 728 726.

Article provided by BMT Tax Depreciation. Bradley Beer (B. Con. Mgt, AAIQS, MRICS) is the Chief Executive Officer of BMT Tax Depreciation.

Please contact 1300 728 726 or visit for an Australia-wide service, or please download the application form below to receive Love Property "mates rates".

BMT Tax Depreciation application form

Merry Christmas from Love Property

Christmas is almost here and it just seems to come around quicker and quicker every year! Is it the same for you? 2016 is shaping up to be a great year and we're really excited to announce a new initiative that enables us to play our part in protecting some of our most precious wetlands, woodlands and forests through a partnership with Yellowbox. From next year, when you purchase an investment property through us, we will offset the equivalent area of high conservation value land through Yellowbox. So, if you have purchased a 100sqm unit, we will buy 10 Yellowboxes, that will be gifted to...

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Love Property Update November 2015

Hello! Summer is ramping up and Christmas is now just around the corner. Which means it's time to take stock of the goals you'd set for 2015. If this was the year you were planning on buying an investment property or adding to your portfolio, there is still time to do it and I'm really excited about three markets. Let's take a look at each. Melbourne I believe that this is the most exciting market in the country because the numbers are just so good. * In 2014/15 Victoria continued to have very strong population growth of above 100,000 - most of whom moved to the...

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Is there something we could be doing better?

As your property manager, our aim is to maintain a balance between keeping both you and your tenant very happy, whilst making sure your property is well managed. We are always looking for ways to improve our service, and to make sure that we are truly customer focussed, we would like to ask you a few questions about your experience with us so far. It will only take a minute to two, and we really appreciate your time. As a token of our appreciation, upon completion of the survey you will be entered into a draw for a chance to win your...

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Love Property Update - October 2015

Hi! I’ve just arrived back from my European adventure, relaxed, refreshed and ready to go. This month I want to talk to you about getting started with property investing and having abundance mindset around money. I often hear people asking “how can I get started with investing?”, or making statements like “I really want to create wealth but I don’t have the money right now”, or “if only I had more money”. If this sounds like you, please read on. I’ve got some great things for you to ponder. If it doesn’t sound like you and you’ve already made a start, you can read...

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Love Property Update - September 2015

Hola! This newsletter is coming to you from the beautiful city of Madrid. I'm nearly mid way through my European adventure and having a fabulous time - as I'm sure you can imagine. So while I'm living it up over here, I'm going to hand this newsletter over to Michael from Love Home Loans to talk to you about the changes that are happening with investment loans, how they're affecting investors and some actions you can take now if you have an investment loan or plan to invest in property over the next 12 - 24 months. See you when I'm back -...

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Love Property Update - August 2015

Lending changes for investors There's been a lot of talk in the media lately about changes to lending for property investment purposes. The governing body, APRA, have passed down to lenders a list of recommendations to make sure they're not "over-lending" to property investors. These recommendations have seen most lenders pull in the strings and make some changes including: * increasing loan to value ratio (LVR)
* higher interest rates
* less ability for brokers to negotiate. These changes affect both existing loans and new loans. If you want to know more about this, please read the article to the right. If you want to know how...

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Love Property Update July 2015

Happy New Financial Year! Most people set new goals at the beginning of the year - but when it comes to financial goals, there's no better time for goal setting than the new financial year. What are your financial goals? Do you need some positive influence to get you in the right mindset to attract more money into your life and break free of your financial barriers? If so, please join me for my Abundance & Money Mindset talk on Wednesday 29th July. I'd love to see you there! Just follow this link to find out more information or book your seat....

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Love Property Update - May 2015

It seems like it's all going on here at Love Property this month and we have lots to tell you. Thank you Firstly, thank you to everyone who attended our Live & Invest Abundantly seminar. We had a great turnout and a lot of positive feedback. If you couldn't make it on the night but you're interest to find out more, please drop me an email. Melbourne I've just been to Melbourne to do due diligence on a couple of exciting investment opportunities close to the city and I'm really excited by what I saw! The positive thing about the Melbourne market is the huge...

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Love Property Update - June 2015

Melbourne We've had a great response to our investment solutions in Melbourne, and we're really excited about this market. The affordability factor and the strong population growth as well as the strong diversified economy, make these solutions very attractive. Also, from a design perspective, the projects we are seeing are unique, beautifully finished and well designed, which should make them desirable well into the future. We have a fabulous new project just released in Collingwood, plus a more affordable option in the inner west corridor of Melbourne. Please call or email me if you're interested in entering this market or finding out more. End of Financial...

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Live & Invest Abundantly

If you haven't already heard, I'm presenting a talk next Tuesday night on a topic that is very dear to my heart and has transformed my life. I would love you to join me. Don't panic, it's not any form of pyramid selling or anything like that! It's a simple philosophy of abundance and the practice of creating a positive mindset. This has become the foundation of how I life my life, run my business and invest in property. I've been actively studying the laws of the universe, including the law of attraction, since 2005 and it's pretty amazing what you can...

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Love Property Update - March 2015

They say that if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life. That pretty much sums up how I'm feeling about work. I love helping clients build wealth, secure their future and live the life of their dreams through property investing. And it's really showing in the results we're achieving for both our investing and property management clients. We've got two really exciting investment projects on offer at the moment. One in Newcastle and the other in the western suburbs of Brisbane. Both markets are well positioned for growth, and they're well priced, quality properties. I recently went...

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Love Property Update - February 2015

2015 is certainly off and running with lots of discussion about the property market, property investing and interest rates. Lots of experts are making all sorts of claims about where, when and how to invest, but now really is the time to keep a clear head, maintain focus and remember the basic principles of investing in a growth area. Take this article for example, Do you live in a property hotspot? The experts are listing 28 "property hotspots" around the country, and whilst many of them look great, they seem to be forgetting one very important component - which is supply. If...

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Merry Christmas from Love Property

What a year 2014 has been for Love Property and the Australian property market! We've seen unprecedented price growth in many markets, increase in investor confidence, historically low interest rates and some really great projects to offer our clients. At Love Property, our team has grown to help manage our wonderful tenants and landlords, and we're excited by the year to come and all that it promises! This year, instead of spending money on Christmas cards and photos, I will be making a donation to Cranford Hospice, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. They have been a wonderful support to my family throughout the...

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Love Property Update - November 2014

Welcome to our November newsletter! One of my goals has always been to create a life where I have a high degree of freedom, both personally and in business. I don't want to have to make sacrifices because I'm bound to my desk or needing to cover next months mortgage payment. I want to be able to make choices and have flexibility and I'm grateful to have created that. I have recently returned from spending three months in New Zealand with my family, and whilst I missed my Australian family and friends while I was away, I had the security of knowing that I...

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Love Property Update - October 2014

Welcome to our October newsletter! I'm sending this from New Zealand while I'm spending some time with my family. It's good to get a bit of a distance from the Australian property market because with all the hype it's easy to get caught up in the media discussion and lose focus on what the research is telling us. When looking at property investing, the best picks at the moment are definitely in regional centres. My recommendations are Newcastle in NSW and Toowoomba in SE Queensland. These are the two places in Australia that we really see the numbers stacking up. Yields are good, the rental...

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Love Property Update - September 2014

Spring has finally arrived and it's the perfect time for new beginnings. People are dusting off their winter blues and stepping out into the sunshine, looking for opportunities. It's an exciting time of year! If this is the time for you to take action towards building wealth through property investment, we'd love to help. There are some very exciting opportunities available now and very soon, and, as with all the properties we recommend, the research indicators are showing us all the positive signs for growth. Our property management side of the business is continuing to grow, and we're building great relationships with both...

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Sneak Preview... 8 Tips for Success

We're putting the finishing touches on our latest e-book Making your Investment Property Work For You, 8 Tips for Success. Here's a sneak peak...

Congratulations on owning an investment property. This in itself is a huge feat that many aspire to as a way to create wealth and secure their future.

Well done for making it happen!

Your job now is to make sure that this property achieves its potential.

As property investment advisers and property managers, our job at Love Property is to help you achieve your goals.

Tip 1 - Define your Property Goals

What is it you want from your property? It's really important that you put some thought into this.

Are you buying with a short term focus, with a plan to buy, renovate, rent it out for a couple of years before upgrading? Are you buying with a long term focus, building security for your future or to pass on to your kids?

Are you planning on this being the first of many investment properties? Do you hope to make a career out of property investing?

Stay tuned for more, or email us to receive a copy as soon as it's released.

Add value to your investment property

Buying real estate is one of Australia's favourite ways to invest. How effectively you manage your property will determine whether or not it will help you reach your financial goals.

Here's a few tips to add value to your investment property over time.

Don't overcapitalise
The rule of thumb is to spend no more than 4 to 6 weeks renovating and invest no more than 10% of the property's value on renovations. You need to make sure you can comfortably recoup your costs through increased rent or sale price.

Renovate wisely
Think about what will make the biggest impact on the look and feel of a property, and put your money there. Often a coat of paint, fresh blinds, new light fittings and new carpet will do the trick.
If your budget is bigger, or if entering your kitchen and/or bathroom is like stepping into a time warp, updating these rooms will make the world of difference.

Don't be too risky with your decorating decisions
It can be fun to experiment with colour palettes, fittings and fixtures, but remember that in a rental property you must appeal to a wider audience - so keep things neutral and simple. You're providing the palette for your tenants to display their personality, not the other way around.

Think low maintenance
It's important to create a low maintenance property if you plan to rent it out. Repairs and maintenance are a drag for both landlords and tenants, so here's a few ways to avoid them:

  • avoid cheap appliances,
  • invest in quality items that will last,
  • use durable materials that will withstand wear and tear.

Find a good property manager
A good property manager will be in touch with the market and they will know your property. They will manage your property proactively, they'll understand that it's a valuable asset that was bought to create wealth (for you not them). They will know comparable market rents and do their best to attract and retain good tenants.

Get a good accountant
One who understands your wealth goals and advises you accordingly. Make sure you have a depreciation schedule and keep your receipts.

Don't become complacent
If you're comfortable with the financial commitment of one investment property, start thinking about your second, or your third.

If we can help with advice regarding investing in property or if you're looking for a pro-active property manager, please call us. 02 8217 9300or email

Love Property Update August 2014

Welcome to our August Newsletter. Yesterday I had a very interesting experience as a landlord. I fired the property managers for my Brisbane unit. Now I have had this unit since 2002, I paid $224,000 for it and I’ve spent no money on it since. So it must be getting a bit tired, right? Today it's worth about $400,000 and was rented for $400 per week. It turns out my unit has been available for rent since 21st July and I didn’t know about it. I checked comparable properties in the area and the asking rent was now $380 per week. My manager had...

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The strongest property market in Australia isn't where you think...

Most people think Sydney or Melbourne is the strongest property market in Australia right now. There's been enormous increase in property values over the last few years, auction clearance rates are high, demand is high for both buying and renting properties - so why wouldn't it be the strongest market in the country?

As property expert, Terry Ryder points out, there's a city in regional Queensland that's performing even better - and it's a city that we've been recommending for a while now and have put nine clients into... and it's Toowoomba.

As Ryder states, "This is the market which has not only delivered outstanding growth in the past year but has the credentials to keep on doing it. It has one of the nation's most vibrant local economies, it has the lowest unemployment in the land, it's affordable, it has above-average rental yields and there is a massive infrastructure spend under way.That's an investment cake with lots of tasty ingredients. And the icing on the cake is the resources activity in the nearby Surat Basin."

Facts about Toowoomba:

  • It's Queensland's largest inland city;
  • It has economic diversity- including agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, health & community services, construction and government administration;
  • It was rated as the backbone of the state economy in 2012 by Queensland Chamber of Commerce and Industry, it led the state on business confidence, general business conditions, sales and revenue, employment levels and capital spending;
  • In 2013 Suncorp Bank rated Toowoomba as the employment capital of Australia. It had the lowest unemployment rate at 1.9%, ahead of Darwin 2.1% and Canberra 2.9%;
  • Toowoomba was also rated the third most "family friendly" of Australia's 30 largest cities;
  • The standard house purchase is in the high $200,000s or low $300,000s, with apartments in the mid to high $200,000s;
  • Gross rental yields on houses is around 6% and units is around 6.5%;
  • Rental vacancies are consistently low;
  • According to Australian Property Monitors, there has been exceptional capital growth in the past 12 months. Most suburbs have had double-digit capital growth in the past 12 monthsin their median prices, with several recording 15% to 18%;
  • Prospects for ongoing performance are strong;
  • The infrastructure spend is considerable and there is the bonus of resources activity via the coal seam gas which is feeding the new processing plants at Gladstone;
  • The Wellcamp Airport is well advanced in construction, there is massive investment in roads (including the $1.6 billion second range crossing, which has state and federal funding), there are plans for two major new rail links to serve the resources sector, a $300 million convention centre is in the offing and there are upgrades to medical facilities including Toowoomba Hospital;
  • Property developers are active, with projects that include a $350 million re-development of inner-city retail facilities, major industrial estates and an array of housing and apartment projects.

As Ryder sums up, "In terms of what many investors would see as the ideal investment venue - affordable prices, strong rental returns and great future prospects, underpinned by a vibrant local economy - it doesn't get much better than Toowoomba."

If you want to invest in what we believe to be Australia's strongest property market, please call or email. We have some great opportunities just waiting for you to buy!


Love Property Update - July 2014

Welcome to our July Newsletter. We're really excited about a new property investment opportunity that is soon to be released. It's at an entry level price point and in a high growth area in regional NSW. If you would like more information once it's released, please email me. The numbers are looking great! We'd like to welcome Carolyn Cordukes to the Love Property Team. Carolyn will be supporting us with our weekend Open Homes. Our property management portfolio has grown significantly over the past year and we're delighted to be able to provide additional support to our landlords. If you're thinking of changing...

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Love Property Update - June 2014

Hi there Welcome to our June Newsletter. I hope you are keeping warm on this chilly Sydney winters day.

I was having an interesting conversation with my father the other day and funnily enough he is a passionate and avid share investor and, as you all know, I am passionately into property. I have never really understood share investing and if you have been to one of my education sessions you will understand why I love property so much, that is having the ability to leverage your money through borrowings. Now even if shares perform better from a growth perspective...

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Love Property Update May 2014

Hi there I write this month's newsletter from Napier, New Zealand where I was born and grew up. You see my Mum and her sister have returned to this pretty city, essentially to live out their golden years. Being here has got me thinking about our fundamental drivers for growth that we see in our Australian capital cities. These drivers are: population growth, strong employment and economic growth, infrastructure spend and affordability. What is so evident here in Napier is that a demographic shift is occurring with Baby Boomers returning. It seems that the driver pushing that return is a sense of belonging and community. When that is present you create an emotional...

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Love Property Update - April 2014

Hi there April has arrived and it's chock full of public holidays. We hope you're taking advantage of all these days off and planning something great - or catching up on some r&r. We're excited to have moved office as we outgrew our old one. We love it here and we now even have a meeting room and a fancy phone system. See our new address and phone details below, and if you're in the neighbourhood, please pop in to say hi.

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Love Property Update - March 2014

We are thrilled that Your Investment Property magazine has just published the top 100 suburbs that have been forecast for growth in 2014, and we are recommending and have sold property within the top 20. Those suburbs are: 1. New Farm, Brisbane,
2. Newcastle, CBD,
4. Dulwich Hill, Sydney,
8. Nundah, Brisbane,
11. Newtown, Toowoomba,
13. Toowong, Brisbane,
18. Westmead, Sydney,
plus many more within the top 100. This really supports the data that we're receiving from our research partners. They analyse the key indicators for growth, and advise us on property "hotspots". We can then give you the facts and figures to help you make your investment...

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Love Property Update - February 2014

We've had the best start to the year in over five years, with so many people wanting to invest strategically. It's great to see the confidence in the property market and the enthusiasm of investors. There's such energy in the capital city market, particularly Sydney, that it's become overheated and prices are continuing to climb. So if you're looking for a strategic, smart property investment solution, we're taking the focus to the outer suburbs, like Toowoomba in Queensland. Take a look at the article to the right (Where to buy and make a profit). It gives some great examples of where...

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Love Property Update - January 2014

So 2013 has been and gone... with lots of successes for people investing in property. 2014 looks like more of the same, particularly for those thinking about investing in the Brisbane market, which is just at the start of it's growth cycle. Were you one of the people celebrating your wins and moving forward financially, or one of those wishing you had got into the market a little earlier? If you celebrated your wins, congratulations! But don't rest on your laurels. There are many more great opportunities available and we can help you on your next step to building your portfolio. If you were...

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Merry Christmas from Love Property (and emergency contact details

Merry Christmas from Love Property

From all of us at Love Property to you and your family, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 2013 saw a marked change in the property industry with many markets entering a new cycle; demand increasing, prices increasing and supply trying to catch up. 2014 promises more of the same, and there will be some fantastic investment opportunities available for our clients. At Love Property, our team grew, as did our service offering. Our property management business is doing really well and we're loving the diversity in our operations - and the great feedback we're receiving from clients and tenants. We'd like to thank...

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Love Property Update - November 2013

It's been a crazy fun time here at Love Property. We're really building the property management side of our business and just bought the rent roll from an existing inner west real estate agency. So we have been busy meeting the owners and tenants and really getting to know Dulwich Hill, Marrickville, Lewisham, Petersham and Summer Hill.

The Sydney property market is still running hot. As an investor it might feel comfortable or even urgent to buy in this market but actually it always better to have bought in a flat market so that you are positioned for when the market heats up.Read More

Do you want a Mini iPad AND a great new property manager?

During October we've been running a promotion to build our property management business, and so far we've given away 9 Mini iPads! Do you want one too? All you have to do is refer someone who signs up or you sign up during the month of October, and we'll send you one! It's that easy - and we'll even throw in great service and competitive rates. What more could you want? To find out more, please email us or call 9699 7001 or 0425 332 600..

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Love Property Update - September 2013

Hi Spring has sprung and so has the property market. Inner Sydney is running hot, Brisbane is warming up, Melbourne is still cool. Be careful in a Hot market not to pay too much. There is a bit of a frenzy going on as there is a lack of stock around. In Sydney, auction clearance rates are at 84% which means it’s a great time to sell not so to buy.

I have just been up to Brisbane and have come back really excited about some fabulous new projects in good growth corridors. I have also been to look at Toowoomba, such...

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Queensland is on the move

We're loving this news clip from Queensland. Take a couple of minutes to see what's really happening in the property up north. Watch the clip

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Love Property Update - August 2013

Well its another election, I think its my fifth since working in property. We always seem to see a slow down in the lead up to an election as there is an energy of uncertainty I guess. The reality is life will carry on once the election is over and sure, there might be some new policies, but at the end of the day with property we all still need a roof over our heads and that's not going to change. When we have an under supply of property and we we see interest rates as low as they are, demand...

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Love Property Update - July 2013

Well it seems there is a bit of a buying frenzy going on in the inner Sydney market at the moment, particularly the under $600k price point. This is a very affordable price point for many with the cost of borrowings being the lowest we have ever seen it. Michael was telling me that he can get a 2 year fixed rate at 4.84% fixed for 3 years. If you are getting rent of 5% or above that means the property will be cash flow positive after tax benefits. The key thing is not to assume that interest rates...

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Letter from Jason - June 2013


Well it's coming up to that time of the year again when its important to have your tax affairs in place. Yes, end of financial year is almost upon us.

Do you have any repairs and maintenance that you could carry out on your properties? What about depreciation? Have you had a Quantity Surveyors report done so that you can claim your depreciation for the past year? Also if you have a big tax bill coming up you may be able to pre pay next years' interest. Have a chat to your accountant about your situation as now is the time to do it, to maximise those tax savings.

RP Data just released their quarterly report. 2013 has started well with positive growth across all the main capital cities over the first four months of this year. Average growth figures ranging from 5.9% in Darwin, 3.7% in Sydney, 2.0% in Brisbane and 1.6% in Melbourne. If you would like me to email you a copy of the full report let me know.

In light of this higher than expected growth in the Sydney market, and on advice of our research partners, we have just secured two fabulous projects in Sydney. We're really excited about both of these, so please call me for more information.

We are actively growing our property management business. If you would like us to review your current agreement as an existing Love client I am sure we can provide you with a competitive fee. Please email Anne for more information.

We also have our Self Managed Super workshop 25th June at our offices. This seminar is a must for those wanting to know more about Self Managed Super Funds! Click here to register.

Letter from Jason - May 2013

It's been a busy and fun time here at Love Property.

Anne & I have been getting our systems and compliance in place to roll out our property management offering and we are now ready to go.

As a Love Client we will always offer you a competitive rate on any Sydney property managements you send our way. I have also been working closely with Justine our Marketing Guru to create our new website content which hopefully will be live later this month.

As you would be well aware by now, the RBA reduced the cash rate to 2.75% this month and rates have never been this low. This is translating to real confidence returning to most property markets and according to RP Data recovery starting to show up in Perth, Sydney and Brisbane markets.

We are planning a Property in Super seminar to be held on the 18th of June (Save the Date!) in conjunction with Love Home loans and Dylan Chan from Ark Total Wealth. We have seen this strategy create wealth for multiple clients but unfortunately we have also seen it done incorrectly. This seminar is a must for those wanting to know more about Self Managed Super Funds!

We can also send you an e-book which will give you an insight to what buying a property inside a Self Managed Super Fund would look like. Just send me an email and I'll send it to you.

Keep an eye out for the formal invitation. Seats are limited.

Check out the great article below for some very interesting statistics.

Happy Investing


Letter from Jason - April 2013


I must say I'm quite enjoying these crisp autumn days. I find this time of year there is a certain energy present and it's a great time to reflect and review areas of life, getting ready for the winter months and to plant the seeds to bloom in spring.

And it's a perfect time to review your investment and wealth creation strategy. What are you doing? What should you be doing? What do you want to be doing? I would love to help you in this area if you are either creating or implementing your plans!

Recently we have had a some pleasant surprises in relation to examples of capital growth. An example of this is a one bedroom unit I helped my client invest into at Trio in Camperdown in August 2008. They paid $485,000 for it and the recent bank valuation came in at $605,000. That's 24.7% growth in 4.5 years and this unit is rented at $600pw.

This client is delighted and has been able to use some of this equity towards another investment in a similar project in Brisbane where we see the beginning of the next cycle in that market.

So if you have had a Sydney property for 4 plus years, let us know and we can have a look where the value is sitting, as you never know you may have some equity sitting there that you could use for another investment.

The fabulous Anne has been with us for a month now and we are loving her bubbly energy in our office and each day she amazes us with her property expertise. If you are thinking of selling or would like an appraisal she would love to hear from you. And of course Michael is here to help you with finance there are still some fantastic fixed rate loans opportunities.

Happy Investing


Letter from Jason - March 2013


The Love has grown. We welcome Anne Diamond to our team. Anne is heading up Love Residential Property Sales and Love Property Management. I have known Anne for many years and seen her flourish over the years in her previous role at LJ Hooker in Newtown.

So what this means is that we can now help you in-house with Sydney property management and we are able to sell any of your Sydney properties.

If you are considering selling your property or if you would like an appraisal, She can also review your current property management arrangements if you would like.

As an existing Love client we will provide you with a very competitive management and selling fee coupled with the dedication that goes with dealing with a boutique agency.

I will continue to look after investors as I have always done and of course we have Michael from Love Home Loans to help you get your funding when required.

You can now be surrounded by Love throughout your property investing journey!

In relation the property market things are without doubt heating up, particularly in Sydney & Brisbane, consumer confidence has returned and we are seeing selling prices increase, values increase also there has never been a cheaper time to borrow money. And if you are an investor, most well set up properties are coming in at positive cash flow after tax benefitsCall me if there's anything we can do to help!

Happy Investing


Welcome Anne!

We are very excited to have Anne Diamond join us from LJ Hooker in Newtown. Anne is passionate about real estate, coming from a family involved in property development and construction. Anne has exceptional knowledge of the Sydney property market and is able to discuss the best ways to add value to your property to achieve a maximum result.

To contact Anne for a market appraisal email her

Letter from Jason - February 2013


I hope that you are all back into the swing of things now that we are well into February.

I was talking to a client today who invested with me back in 2004. They paid $223,000 for a one bedroom apartment in inner Brisbane. That same apartment would sell today for $360,000 to $380,000 and its currently renting at $420 per week. They said they were thinking of selling. I asked why? It's now cash-flow positive and a buyers market in Brisbane, so it's the worst time to sell. That same market is ready for growth again so if they sell now they are going to miss out on the next cycle of growth.

They had decided that it hadn't been performing for the last 4 years and couldn't see the short term growth potential. Fortunately after our discussions they have decided to hold it, ready to ride the next cycle and we are talking about how to use the equity to invest in another property.

Sometimes its easy to forget the fundamentals of investing and the long term view, we let our emotions get in the way.

That's why it's important to call me before you make any major decisions about property investing! I'll help you see the pros and cons, look at the cycle and discuss options.

I'm always happy to help!

We had great response to our Australian Property Update last year, so have organised another one for Wednesday 27th February, 5:30 for 6pm start.

Come and join us in our office in Surry Hills to learn about current trends in the home loan market and also to look at investing in property and building a portfolio. Follow this link to secure your spot - and hurry because seats are filling fast!

Look forward to seeing you there.

Happy Investing


Letter from Jason - January 2013

Hello & Happy New Year!

I hope that you all had a wonderful festive season. I have a really good feeling about 2013. It certainly shaping up to be a good one so far.

We have record low interest rates, rental yields are high and there are some markets starting from the bottom of the cycle. We have two fabulous new projects just released which also makes the start of the year that much more exciting.

Did you know that 88% of those who make new year's resolutions fail within the first 2 months. Perhaps those people who failed to keep their new years resolutions did not have the right support to help them achieve their goals. That's where we would love to help you!

Did you make a new year's resolution to:

- purchase your first investment property

- purchase another investment property

- tidy up your finances

- consolidate your debt

- create a plan to build wealth

- purchase a new car

- renovate your property?

If any of these sound familiar to you, your friends or family, then we can help you be one of the 12% who can say next year that they achieved their new year's resolutions!

With our help and a bit of LOVE, 2013 can be a prosperous one for you all.

Save the date - Tuesday 26th Feb at 6pm. Michael from Love Home Loans & I will be holding an Australian Property & Finance Market update as well as launching two fabulous new projects.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Happy Investing


Merry Christmas from Love Property

Wow another year has just about finished. Where did it go so quickly?

Have you had a good year? Do you feel on track to reach your goals? Have you added to your investments? Are they growing? What needs reviewing/changing? How are your savings? Debt consolidation/reduction? It's a good time to think about these things.

If there is any guidance or help I can assist with, please let me know. Even if its a review of your goals I would be happy to help you with this.

As we end the year we have interest rates at record lows, consumer confidence rising, unemployment down to 5.2%, rental yields strong and continued strong population growth. Take a look at property expert, John McGrath's thoughts on the market. It's an interesting read!

I feel very excited and optimistic about 2013. We are truly blessed to live in this country and all the opportunities that come with that.

I feel very lucky to do the work that I love and to work with such wonderful people. I thank you for working with me over the last 10 years. Looking forward to the next 10.

I wish you all a fabulous Christmas and a fantastic prosperous 2013. Lets make it a big one.



Please note our office is closed from 17th December till 7th January.

Letter from Jason - November 2012


It's hard to believe that Christmas is only a month away. We have been really busy of late with lots of clients investing in some fantastic projects that we have available to investors.

Interest rates have remained low which means the cash-flows are the best we have seen them since 2009 and there is lots of positive research for the areas that we are recommending.

With it being year end it's a good opportunity to take stock of how your property is performing, the values, rental returns and cash-flows.

We're seeing some great property stats come out of RP Data, one of Australia's leading property research organisations. If you would like a free copy of a RP Data Valuation, please email me your name, phone number and property address. (This is available for NSW properties only.)

As many of you may be aware, self managed super funds are on the rise with many clients taking the opportunity to convert their super over to self managed funds to plan to buy property with it. Next year we will be running further workshops on this and in February we will also have another property investor workshop.

Stay tuned for the dates early in the New Year.

Happy Investing.


Letter from Jason - October 2012

Hi there

I'm now back from holidays and highly recommend Puerto Vallarta - such a fabulous destination and our strong dollar certainly goes a long way, as it does in the US which meant much shopping. I'm not looking forward to my credit card bill.

What a fantastic turnout we had for our workshop last week. We have lots of people to now meet with to help them find strategic property solutions.

One of the key things we discussed at the workshop is the power of leverage. Essentially when you invest in property you are investing your deposit, it's that deposit that is working for you through borrowing funds, as property is the only vehicle that banks will lend you up to 90 to 95% on. The reason banks do that is because property is tangible (bricks & mortar) and we as human beings need to have a roof over our heads, so as long as there is population growth and employment you ultimately have ongoing demand.

The key thing to successful investing is to buy and hold, as over time the value of the property will grow, giving you a greater return on your initial deposit.

Now shares could potentially perform better than property over time however you can't leverage shares generally without some sort of equity. My question is would you risk borrowing for shares?

If you missed our workshop and would like to know what's happening in the markets around Australia feel free to give me a call and I am happy to chat through this with you.

Happy investing


Letter from Jason - September 2012

Spring is here and what a wonderful start we are having.

All the indicators are pointing towards a very positive spring sale season, which is great news to boost confidence in the marketplace.

Also interest rates have remained steady. Some forecasters are saying we may be in for a further rate cut next month.

Garrett & I are heading to LA & Mexico for the latter part of this month on holiday. On my return Michael from Love Home Loans & I have planned a property market update here at our fabulous new offices.

We have 2 very special new projects that will be released on the night and we will be discussing why the research shows that they are in hotspots. We will also give a market update for each state and cover off the latest government incentives and revisit key investment fundamentals.

If you or your friends & family would like to attend save the date Tuesday 9th October and click the link to RSVP.

Happy Investing & Asta luego.


Letter from Jason - August 2012

Well Spring must be springing soon, lets hope!

I always talk about how important it is to know your numbers and sometimes I'm not always completely on top of my own. I spent a few hours last week looking at my own property portfolio and the cash-flows associated with each property, I had some good surprises with 3 of my properties now in positive cash flow and I had two that are costing me quite a lot pre-tax. I took the opportunity to review all costs, interest rates, levies, property management costs and rental incomes.

I was able to reduce the interest rates on two loans by calling the bank and asking for a reduction. They both came to the party rather than risking losing me as a customer. It meant a pre-tax saving of close on $3000 per year.

I also asked the property managers on two of my properties where there was no rent increase possible not to write a new lease as that creates a letting fee - another saving of two weeks rent. I am also now clear on the value of each property and the equity position on each.

If you would like me to help you review your cash flows let me know as I may be able to help you save some money. It's definitely worth looking at!

I visited Brisbane at the beginning of the month and my excitement and confidence continues with that market.

Did you know that there is $60.4 billion in infrastructure spend planned for Brisbane and $134 billion planned for SE QLD. That is huge and means employment, in fact 47% of Queensland's job growth happens in Brisbane alone, as well as population growth and an improved city and state.

The other thing with Brisbane is that its our most affordable capital city market in Australia.

I have two awesome pre-release opportunities so let me know if you would like some info on them before they go to market.

Happy Investing.


Letter from Jason - July 2012

Welcome to our chilly July newsletter! Hope you're making the most of winter fun.

Last month I escaped the cold and went to check out Townsville after hearing of lots of activity up there. It was a different city than I had imagined. It was vibrant, with great restaurants and cafes, a huge hospital, education and defence precincts and mining - so a very broad economy.

The research shows that this is a great market if you're looking for further diversification of your portfolio.

We've had a lot of questions about the changes to the NSW Government's First Home Buyer's Grant, so thought that we'd take the opportunity to simplify it for you...

From 1st October 2012, the $7,000 First Home Owner Grant will be replaced by the $15,000 First Home Owner Grant (New Homes) Scheme.

This means that first home owners who purchase or build a new home with a contract date on or after 1st October 2012 will be eligible for the $15,000 grant. The grant will reduce to $10,000 on 1 January 2014.

There is criteria that you must meet:

  • It must you your first home
  • It must be the first sale of a newly built, substantially renovated or rebuilt home
  • Maximum property value is $650,000.

So from 30th September 2012 the $7,000 first home owner grant for established properties, up to value of $835,000, will end.

For more details check out this link.

The First Home Plus Scheme will also end on 30th September 2012. This scheme provides exemptions or concessions on stamp duty for first home buyers, including vacant land with intent to build a first home, and up to a value of $600,000.Follow this link for more info.

There's lots of interesting figures from the ABS and RP Data that support property investment.

We've summarised some population and income data to the right, but wanted to highlight a couple of items here:

Between the March 1994 and September 2011, Australia's population has increased by 274,917 persons each year.

This is 16.3% above the long-term average. Despite strong population growth, only 144,594 new dwellings were approved for construction (year to March 2012). This is 25% lower than the historic peak and 9.1% lower than the long-term average of 159,043 approvals each year.

With population growth well above the long term average and migration figures suggesting that population growth is set to accelerate, there will be increasing pressure on property markets. Housing in Australia is currently an under supplied market, as clearly demonstrated in these figures, and this imbalance provides great opportunities for investors to gain strong yields and potential for growth.

If we can help you start or build your portfolio, please call.

Happy Investing


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