Our Philosophy

At Love Property we have been building long term relationships with our clients since 2002. We are here to support you every step along the way - from investing in your first property to managing it effectively and eventually building a portfolio of property over time.

We love property, most importantly we love our clients, we spend a lot of time understanding what your needs are and developing a strategic plan specifically for you.

If your dream is to create wealth through property investment, or you just want to deal with people who know what they're talking about, deliver superb service and have your best interests at heart. We'd love to help.

Our Profit, People and Planet Philosophy

We're thrilled to announce a very special partnership with Yellowbox that is part of our Profit, People and Planet Philosophy.

Yellowbox is an initiative of the Nature Conservation Trust of NSW (NCT) which works with private land holders to protect areas of high conservation land forever. A Yellowbox is a symbolic 10 sqm parcel of privately owned protected land that is purchased for $10.

It's a meaningful way for all of us to play a direct role in protecting some of our most precious landscapes; be they wetlands, woodlands or forests; home to thousands of our most threatened plants and animals, like koalas, yellow bellied gliders and powerful owls.

When you purchase an investment property through us, we will offset the equivalent area (rounded off to the higher even number) of high conservation value land through Yellowbox. As the NCT works on private land, using legal covenants that go on title, the land remains protected forever.

So if you have purchased a 100sqm unit, we will buy 10 Yellowboxes in your name!

How awesome is that! Your investment isn't just helping you achieve your dreams, but it's also playing a part in protecting our precious environment.

Upon exchange, we will send you a code to claim your Yellowboxes from here.


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